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This site is where you can find photos and post information on Neotropical Odonata.

Welcome to Neotropic-Dragonfly!
On this website you can post and find photos of odonata from the neotropics: Latin America from Mexico to the tip of the South-American continent. And of course the Caribbean. Please share your photos and check out those taken by others!

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How To: Studying Tropical Dragonflies and Damselflies
by Viola Clausnitzer, KD Dijkstra and Vincent Kalkman

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Pic of the day by Dennis Paulson

Heteragrion erythrogastrum Selys, 1886 (Costa Rica)

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Special mention to the latest 5 photos posted:

Samuel Renner
  Libellula croceipennis (Brazil)
Samuel Renner
  Homeoura chelifera (Brazil)
Maxime Cobigo
  Coryphaeschna adnexa (French Guiana)
Maxime Cobigo
  Coryphaeschna amazonica (French Guiana)
  Coryphaeschna amazonica (Antigua and Barbuda)

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